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LIBrassCo Standard Bass Trombone Mouthpieces

Size/Backbore: 850T-B3

Price:  $ 264.00 
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Our Standard Bass models are cut in our medium blank and only available in our large shank, but are compatible with any shank size.

All bass trombone mouthpieces come standard with large shank, medium weight, 6.1mm/ .265” Rim and 7.92mm/ .312” Throat. Our mouthpiece are cut on unique blanks, allowing us to have a different approach to rim width. We now offer some select model with a T variant which denotes a thinner 6.1mm/ .240” rim.

  • 800

    • A mouthpiece for players with a strong embouchure. Incredible power through the low register, but nimble in the upper tessitura

    • 28mm/ 1.102” ID Rim

    • Very Deep Cup

  • 800T

    • Same as 800 with a thinner rim

  • 850

    • Tectonic power in the low range and huge deep tone.

    • 28.5mm/ 1.122” ID Rim

    • Very Deep Cup

  • 850T

    • Same 850 with our thinner .240” rim