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Mic Gillette Prototype Martin Committee - Large Bore, 6" Bell!


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Brand: Martin

Model: Mic Gillette Prototype Committee

Condition: Excellent

Year: N/A

Key: Bb

Bore: .470"

Bell Size/Material: 6" Yellow brass

Finish: Raw brass

Case: No

Oil: Yamaha Regular

This is a one-of-a-kind large bore Martin Committee made for brass legend and Tower of Power alum Mic Gillette! It's a .470" bore with a gigantic 6" bell. We received it unfinished from Conn-Selmer -- the company was actually just prototyping the bell to see if they could make one that size for a trumpet -- and we outfitted it with new/old stock Martin braces and finger hook, as well as some vintage Martin finger buttons. It plays with an absolutely enormous sound, and despite the extravagant bore and bell it is fairly easy to control in the upper register. This horn does not come with a case -- and likely won't fit in many cases. We recommend a Gard single case or even better, a Gard double case with a "taco" insert.