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Shires 7YM Tenor Trombone - Convertible


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Shires 7YM Tenor Trombone - Convertable (with traditional Shires rotor as well as a straight gooseneck)
Used, no case.

#7: Modified two piece construction made to combine the best playing characteristics of both one piece and two piece bells. Soldered bead favors pointed articulations and centered sound, more stability to the sustain of tone.
Y: Yellow brass—70% copper, 30% zinc—clear, pure sound with strong fundamental, keeps a very consistent tone color and overtone structure throughout the range of dynamics
M: Medium weight:—slightly lighter than standard weight, characteristics between standard and LW

[unmarked]: TI, the original S.E. Shires tenor trombone taper
TI: Tenor 1 Taper. More compact and narrower through throat, Reminiscent of vintage Conn instruments. Tends to have a darker tone quality and more sound density. Great for players with naturally expansive sound or that want to get more sound forward.

Tuning Slide (Yellow Brass)
X: Focused tenor tuning slide taper—aligns harmonics in a way familiar to players accustomed to classic New York instruments—works well with TB handslides and TII bells

Rotary valve:
The S.E. Shires rotary valve is a superior version of the traditional rotary valve design, maintaining the size and shape of the tubing through the valve ports. Many players choose the S.E. Shires Rotary Valve for its secure feel and articulations, stable sound in all registers, and light, quick action.

TB47: .547-inch (large) bore tenor handslide with bass crook—for players desiring an expansive sound and feel
N: Nickel-silver outer tubes—brilliant, articulate sound
LW: Lightweight—no sleeves—quicker response, more open, brilliant sound

3: largest venturi diameter—large, broad sound
[Unmarked]: yellow brass—ideal balance of brilliance and warmth for most players, clear and articulate (the overwhelming majority of S.E. Shires players prefer yellow-brass leadpipes)