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Christopher Weber

I recently brought my Bach 43 trumpet to Josh to have him give it a new leadpipe and a kind of tune-up. Josh's suggestion for a new leadpipe was right on the money and the work he did getting my horn in great shape was all outstanding. Not only does Josh do superior work, his service is outstanding and he is a pleasure to talk with and his overall knowledge of brass instruments and mouthpieces is second to none. I throughly enjoyed meeting Josh and having him work on my trumpet. It plays better then ever and I'm so glad I had Josh fix it up rather then buy a new trumpet. I made the right decision. I'll be back!.

Nick Mondello

Brass repair mavin Josh Landress is a Master Musician Magician! I brought him a Getzen Eterna flugel I've had since my service days in the late 60s. That axe played many a gig. It had more "soul" than Ray Charles. Picked it up yesterday. I thought he was pranking me when he handed me a "new" horn! It plays beautifully. Landress is an amazing craftsman and great guy. It figures on Veterans Day from Josh Landress, USMC. Thank you, my dear friend! Nick USA 68-71.


Just picked up my "new" 1920 Conn Victor New Wonder cornet from Josh Landress' shop and WOW it looks better than it could've looked in 1920!! Initial playing at the shop indicates it's leagues better than my current cornet (1954 Conn Director). Pictures forthcoming...

Tony Gorruso

Thanks for doing such a great job with fixing my 1928 silver-plated/gold-washed bell Conn 22B (3rd valve job/removed dents), early '70's Gold-plated Bach Stradivarius tunable bell conversion/dent removal and Cerveny Flugelhorn unsticking the rotors/chem clean, all in about a week! Amazing!!!!! For those of you brass players who haven't used Josh yet for your repair work, what are you waiting for? Oh one more thing, that 1970's Bach fell onto the street while running to catch a bus into the city around Christmas of last year. I didn't even look at it for 8 months as I was so upset that my "repairman's blues" single trumpet gigbag's zipper came completely apart letting my horn fall to the concrete sidewalk behind me, ouch. Josh made my favorite horn look and play as well as it used to!.

Tatum Greenblatt

Dude, this new bell and the modifications you did to match it are unbelievable. I've been slotting notes every day since you worked on my horn that used to only come in when the planets aligned with snooky young's magnificent aura. To infinity and beyond, bro. You're the man!.

Matt Graves

I have really been enjoying the valve alignment and cleaning you did for me on my Bel Canto Trumpet the last few days. Thanks for the great job! Looking forward to gettin' the cornet back!.

Ray Vega

Josh Landress is a marvelous brass technician. Wise beyond his years!!.

Gary Struass

Josh did an amazing job on my 1965 Bach Stradivarius. Now I have finally found the sound I've been searching for. This horn is the One. Thanks dude! Tom Winnick Josh apparently knows everything there is to know about brass instruments, and his deftly dexterious hands work magic on a regular basis. I trust no one else with my Conn 112B and 1920's Couesnon Flugelhorn..

Dale Kirkland/WICKED Orchestra

The work you did recently straightening out a pair of King 3B slides is second to none. No disrespect to other fine craftsmen to whom I've taken my slide work over the years, but you have done the best work and the slides are better than they have ever been. Many many thanks for your fine work..

Freddie Hendrix

Josh Landress is the best brass repairman known in NYC! He gives you top quality service quick, fast, and in a hurry. And no matter how overwhelming the task, he does his job with a smile. Ask any professional brass player around town and they will agree that Josh Landress gets the job done and is at the top of his craft..