1926 New York Bach Apollo

$3,900.00 USD


Brand: Bore: Finish: Case:
Bach S


What Bach said in 1925, A solidly built trumpet, perfect in tune, with excellent intonation and a marvelous valve action. This instrument fills all the requirements for orchestra and band work. The “Apollo” Model Bach Trumpet needs but little effort to play upon as it is a scientifically constructed instrument. This trumpet is built all in brass, has nickel-silver pistons and is equipped with a two piece bell made of special brass, treated according to a secret formula. The tone is of a beautiful ringing quality, of a great carrying power and responds readily to a crescendo or decrescendo.The ‘Apollo Model” has a splendid appearance and is the highest grade “medium priced” instrument on the market, with quick change attachment to draw-out to A. One genuine Bach Mouthpiece furnished with this instrument.
This is a 1926 Bach "Apollo" trumpet in silver plate. These horns do not come up to often, so we decided to do a valve job on it to bring this horn back to what it was like new. It is truly special and unique. It is a small bore instrument, but does not feel tight or stuffy at all. We only did minor dents, a flush, and a valve alignment on it. Truly a unique horn!. Serial is 217.