Monette "MF"

$9,800.00 USD


Brand: Bore: Finish: Bell: Case: Consignment:
Monette ML
Scratch Brush


This is a very popular all-around trumpet with our clients who prefer lighter weight instruments. But with the letters "MF" in the name, let there be no mistake about it... this is by far the best trumpet for lead and extreme upper register playing we have ever made! Use it with our heavier STC-1 weight mouthpieces for classical and small group jazz work, or an "LT" or "XLT" weight lead mouthpiece to play up to double C and beyond. This model was inspired by our friend and hero Maynard Ferguson. The prototype was built for Maynard's last lead trumpet player, Patrick Hession.
This is a Monette MF horn in a scratch raw finish. This instrument was damaged but we repaired it back to its original state. It has a FANTASTIC upper register, and would be ideal for lead playing. Slides move freely, and compression is tight. Serial number is 2252.